Stores Supply 
Baihao has accumulated rich experience in ship supply service with ISSA and IMPA requirements,because of the efforts of nearly 10 years. And optimize the information management system, improve the operation efficiency and optimization of inventory system,  provide better material products. 
The stringent requirements of the food,strict supplier management system and purchase channels,to ensure the food in the process of storage and transportation safety.We have identified English label and clearly mark the production date and validity for Chinese manufacturing products,to prevent food inspection problems encountered.
At the same time as  Baihao provides the initial material for thousands of new ships,Bulk carrier,Container,Oil tanker,Offshore,Drilling platform,Tugs,Dredger,and other vessels.To provide material, food, spare parts are used the international packaging, labeling, tray for a variety of new ship.

Stores Supply Range:

· Initial supply and export
· Ship electrical appliance, electronic components, communication equipment
· Tableware, Galley
· Nautical books ,Chart
· Safety signs, stationery
· Provisions,drug
· Valves, pipe fittings, welding equipment, bearing
· Metal products, tools,measure, safety products
· Steel wire rope,cable,container lashing
· Lifesaving and fire fighting equipment
· Outfitting pieces, hatch parts
· Entertainment, welfare activities